1Jan 18, 2017
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Affiliate program of btcrocket.net has three tiers. This means that you will earn a commission not only from your direct referrals, but also from their own ones. In case anyone registered with your affiliate link makes a deposit you instantly get 10% of this amount.
1 refferal level 10%
If your partner is also actively promoting our company and attracting investors, all his referrals will be your referrals of second tier and bring a commission of 2%. This can be your first step to build your own partnership structure of btcrocket.net!
2 refferal level 2%
The third tier of the affiliate program is 1%. The resulting commission can be used at your discretion. If this amount is equal to or greater than 0.001 Bitcoin, you can make a deposit from your balance. You can also withdraw this amount as usual profit any time.
3 refferal level 1%